We conducted a wide survey of frequency and ROCOF measurement challenges, across a range of network owners/operators/managers, equipment manufacturers, and academics. The most useful responses we had were from National Grid and Scottish and Southern Energy Networks (SSEN). As a result we have worked closely with them during the early stages of the project. In… Read More

Andrew Roscoe has joined the BSI committee GEL/8 “Systems Aspects for Electrical Energy Supply“ and the mirror committee CENELEC TC8X committee “System aspects of electrical energy supply”. In particular, he has joined the new working group WG7 “Power frequency measurement for DER management”. This WG 7 is expected to prepare a TS on “Requirements for… Read More

From the project team, Andrew Roscoe has been active within the IEEE Synchrophasor working group C37.118_WG-H11, as the existing IEEE standard C37.118 evolves into the IEC standard IEC 60255-118-1. This is, for the moment, mostly an evolution of C37.118.1, and does not include any major changes to requirements.… Read More